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Apr 04

Remember Me - New Trailer

Latest Remember Me trailer blows open the doors and shows us the more action packed side of the game.

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Mar 26

BioShock Infinite - Launch Trailer!

Mar 25

Borderlands 2: New Weapon DLC, New Class DLC, New Story DLC & More!


Borderlands 2 is getting new everything it seems in the next few weeks from free stuff to the expensive!

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Mar 22

BioShock Infinite - Kick ass Full TV Comercial 

Mar 22

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 - Leaked Information


VG247 Reports rumours that the new Call of Duty is to be called, Call of Duty: Ghosts, leaving the Modern Warfare title arch behind for good and starting a new one. 

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Mar 19

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Batman Versus Wonder Woman.

Mar 18

The Saboteur - Review

The Saboteur was the final game developed by Pandemic, and it still is a great game to play today!

You control Sean Devlin a smoking, drinking, irish, race car mechanic who is cheated out of a win in the Sarrbrücken Gran Prix by Kurt Dierker, a Nazi Colonel. Sean and his best friend Jules Rousseau destroy Kurt Dierker’s car as revenge, however they are caught and interrogated as they are mistaken to be British spies. Jules is then executed by Dierker in front of Sean, Sean escapes and heads for home; during his race home the outbreak of the war begins with Nazi’s everywhere shooting, bombing and killing people.

The rest of the game consists of Sean and his friends having run away into what is then Nazi controlled Paris, Sean is then recruited by the French Resistance, and also works along side a British Special Operations Executive…a spy basically, an overly british and overly sexual, female spy at that. It uses a free roam setting with plenty to do on the side as well as fun story missions. 

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Mar 17

Walking Dead: Survival Instincts – What You Need To Know

While Telltales The Walking Dead game became a huge hit pretty much from the moment the first episode landed in April last year, winning 80 Game of The Year awards and much, much, much more. It gives this new game from Terminal Reality big boots to fill, because lets face it, we all grew to love Clementine and most of us fell to the floor wanting more once it was all over. Damn you ending!

However while Telltales Walking Dead was based on the comic books, featured a fully controllable character with quick time events; its main focus was on character building and decision making.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts is based on the AMC TV series, not connected with TellTales, and features two of the most popular characters, Merle & Daryl Dixon. Its a first person survival game that tells the story of the brothers before they join the TV show and meet up with Rick Grimes and the rest. It gives fans a chance to see what the characters did leading up to the TV series, their backstory and how Daryl came to find his trusty cross bow!

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Mar 17

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Behind the Scenes

Mar 15

Saints Row IV, Screen Shots, Plot and Features.

Saints Row 4 kicks off with the Third Street Saints having been elected, running the White House and becoming President of the United States. If this wasn’t strange enough an alien invasion occurs; the aliens then transport the Saints into a Steelport simulation, inorder for the saints not to be able to stop them, filled with alien weaponry and technology. The Saints must escape to stop Warlord Zinyak taking over the world.

Players will be able to use super powers that can make then run faster than cars, leap buildings, freeze people, throw enemies and much more. With vehicles from the previous game being enhanced by the alien technology.

If this sounds like a familiar idea, thats because originally it was intended to be Saints Row 3 DLC. So I guess they came up with lots more ideas, or came up with nothing and decided to turn dlc into a full blown game.

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